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Medical Billing Management

What is Cloud Based Medical Store Billing Software?

With the help of our e-pharmacy medical store or shop billing software, inventory, stock, medicine information management and boosting sales are easily attainable. It helps the medical shop owners in creating custom designs for the bills to help reflect the details in a simplified way. It makes it seamless to print the invoices with a single click. The transaction data is secured on cloud, and the medical shop can create auto & timely backups in google drive or a storage device to keep the data safe. The best part is that our billing software is a multi-device platform that works on mobile and desktop devices. Billing becomes easier and accurate by using our pharmacy billing software. It offers real-time data driven insights to monitor daily processes. This billing software for pharmacy improves GST Billing and return filing processes. Losses get minimized and orders & deliveries become error-free as well as effective.

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Key Highlights

  • Inventory Management.
  • Accounting & Financial Management.
  • Access, Analyze & Reporting across the chain.


  • Configurable billing screens
  • Expiry/Near Expiry prompt
  • Cashier/Shift System
  • Multiple Payment Modes (Cash/Credit/Credit Card/Wallets etc.)
  • Substitute List as per Salts at the time of billing
  • Alert during the Billing if the Product Margin goes negative with Red color
  • Enter Shortage products during the Billing for Supplier wise Purchase Order


  • Pre-Configured reporting template
  • Configurable reports
  • Email reports with Auto Report Mailer
  • Power Reports and Dashboards
  • Export to Excel/HTML/PDF
  • Expired/Near Expiry Stock List.

Accounting & Financial Management

  • Simple and Configurable Accounting Module
  • Bill Receivable/Payables
  • Balance Sheet, P&L, Ration Analysis
  • Generate E-Way Bills
  • GST Summary and Auto-Entry of GST payable with Journal Entry
  • Post Date Cheques Entry (Receipts/Payments)

Inventory Management

  • Batch Wise/MRP wise Stock
  • Import Item masters from Excel
  • Import Purchase from external file (Excel/Text)
  • Fully Customized Barcode Generation
  • Expired/Damage Stock Management
  • Bin/Rack wise Items
  • Buy in Strips and Sell in Tablets (Multiple units of conversion)
  • Create purchase returns for normal, expiry and damage stock, and track pendency for these vouchers against respective suppliers.
  • Compare supplier wise schemes
  • Scheme alert during the purchase from the same supplier.
  • Generate landing cost based on user-defined formula
  • Supplier wise Purchase Order on the base of Minimum/Maximum Level basis.
  • Maintain Godown wise Stock

Overview of Cloud Based Pharmacy Software

    What is Pharmacy software?

    Pharmacy software is an online software designed to manage all the retail pharmacy activities like medicine expiry management, pharmacy billing, inventory management, and accounting.

    Why do Pharmacies need Pharmacy billing software?

    Gone are the days when pharmacies required only a data entry portal to print bills and measure sales. In the world of personalization and growing competition, pharmacies need stable pharmacy management software that can give them the edge.

    - To retain and gain more customers without losing margin

    - Stock right with accurate tracking of expiry

    - Meet the statutory and pharmaceutical guidelines, all in a single platform

    - Enjoy easy medical billing and accounting

    - Connect with customers better by knowing the customer history to offer a personalized shopping

    What are the key features of the Retail Pharmacy software?

    - Retail Pharmacy Billing: Ease of billing with rack and shelf management, selling right products based on industry regulations

    - Pharmacy Inventory management: Accurate inventory management with expiry control and physical stock auditing to ensure optimum stocks availability

    - Purchase management: Ability to purchase the right products at right time without losing margin

    - Expiry management: Ability to track the medicine expiry and plan the purchases accordingly

    - Customer Management: Get repeated footfalls with timely reminders to customers and loyalty management

    - Pharmacy Accounting: One platform to manage entire accounting needs with in-built GST accounting and e-filing

    - Reports: Actionable insights with real-time reporting capabilities

    What are the advantages of using Retail Pharmacy shop software?

    There are various benefits of using Pharmacy management software.

    - There are various benefits of using Retail Pharmacy shop software. By choosing the right Pharmacy POS, retailers can enjoy,

    - Operational excellence with end to end procurement management

    - Hassle-free compliance to statutory and industry norms

    - Increased sales and consistent business growth with proper rack and shelf management

    - Track 100% and block drugs with shorter expiry during inward and sales

    - Monitor non-moving, aging, margins, and short-expiry

    Why is eMedical the best Pharmacy billing software?
    eMedical Pharmacy billing software empowers pharmacists to operate the business with minimal staff with the least skills and empower them to grow efficiently with 100% accurate and reliable solution. eMedical Pharmacy software simplifies business management by providing digital solutions for every business operation like billing, stock auditing, goods inward, stock picking, feedback management, online order taking, home delivery management, real-time reporting, and decision making. eMedical Pharmacy POS helps with accurate inventory management with expiry control and physical stock auditing with 100% drug management. You can make more business by partnering with the Doctors and gaining more customers with dedicated commissions. You can get started without any delay as eMedical offers a free Pharmacy billing software trial, for you to experience the features and enjoy the benefits.
    How to download free retail Pharmacy software from eMedical?
    You can download eMedical's Pharmacy POS software by clicking below.


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