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OMR Answer Sheets For Various Schools/institutions/University/college Level Examinations.
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Product Specifications



Model Name
  • OMR Answer Sheet
  • Exams
Minimum Order Quantity
  • 500 Sheets


Paper Features

Paper Finish and Coating
  • Smooth Surface
Paper Density
  • 60 To 120 GSM
Other Paper Features
  • Basic/Premium/Extra Premium



  • 10.5/10.75 inch
  • 8.5/8.75 inch


More Details

Manufacturer Name
  • Assigned/Linked Printing Press
Country of Origin
  • India


Single OMR Sheet

Single Omr Sheet are used in the routine test, exams of different levels. Single Omr Sheets Size may be taken 8.25" X 11.25" or 8.25" X 14", as per requirement. Information may be used that of Registration, Number of Answer with multiple choice option to suits the requirement.Security Feature Bar code / QR code / Litho Code may be used as per requirement.In the single sheet is taken from the student after exam for Evaluation purpose.

Common Sizes:
  • A4
  • Legal

  • Size of Duplicate Omr Sheet- 8.25" X 11.25"
  • Paper Gsm- 105, 120 gsm as per international Standard.

  • Carbonless OMR Answer Sheet

    An optical answer sheet or "bubble sheet" is a special type of form used in multiple choice question examinations. Optical mark recognition is used to detect answers. Optical answer sheets usually have a set of blank ovals or boxes that correspond to each question, often on separate sheets of paper. Bar codes may mark the sheet for automatic processing, and each series of ovals filled will return a certain value when read. In this way students' answers can be digitally recorded, or identity given.

    Common Sizes:
  • A4
  • Legal

  • Size of Duplicate Omr Sheet- 8.25" X 11.25"
  • Paper gsm Ist copy- 100 gsm
  • 2nd Copy- 60 gsm

  • Modern optical answer sheets are read based on reflected light, measuring lightness and darkness. They do not need to be filled in with a number two pencil, though these are recommended over other types due to the lighter marks made by higher-number pencils, and the smudges from number 1 pencils. Black ink will be read, though many systems will ignore marks that are the same color the form is printed in. This also allows optical answer sheets to be double-sided, because marks made on the opposite side will not interfere with reflectance readings as much as with opacity readings.


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