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Exams Based On OMR

Optical mark recognition (also called optical mark reading and OMR) is the process of capturing human-marked data from document forms such as surveys and tests. They are used to read questionnaires, multiple choice examination paper in the form of lines or shaded areas.

Application + Entrance Exam (OMR BASED) + Results Online

Entrance Exam Process Involves Some Basic Steps

  • Submission of Application Form Online With Payment Through Website
  • Admit Card Generation After Form Submission Date Is Over Entrance Exam Is Near
  • Conducting Entrance Examination Offline(Secure Method Of Examination) Based On OMR
  • Announcement of Results Online On Website, Generating Cutoff Merit List Of Counselling

    OMR Software

    OMR software is a computer software application that makes OMR possible on a desktop computer by using an Image scanner to process surveys, tests, attendance sheets, checklists, and other plain-paper forms printed on a laser printer. OMR software is used to capture data from OMR sheets. While data capturing scanning devices focus on many factors like thickness of paper dimensions of OMR sheet and designing pattern.


    The use of OMR is not limited to schools or data collection agencies; many businesses and health care agencies use OMR to streamline their data input processes and reduce input error. OMR, OCR, and ICR technologies all provide a means of data collection from paper forms. OMR may also be done using an OMR (discrete read head) scanner or an imaging scanner.


    There are many other applications for OMR, for examples:

    • In the process of institutional research
    • Community surveys
    • Consumer surveys
    • Tests and assessments
    • Evaluations and feedback
    • Data compilation
    • Product evaluation
    • Time sheets and inventory counts
    • Membership subscription forms
    • Lotteries and voting
    • Geocoding (e.g. postal codes)
    • Mortgage loan, banking, and insurance applications


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